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“What are the Chinese thinking about?”







Christine Cayol, Synthesis
By Eric Taane
Music: 10SonicAway



“Another look at time”



Christine Cayol, Jean-Daniel Remond, Synthesis
By Eric Taane


© J. Pollock  – Dripping / © D. Lange – Migrant mother / © C. Chaplin – Les Temps Modernes / © DR Apple Inc. / © A. de Messine – Le Condottiere / © E. Manet – The boy with the soap bubble / © P. Cézanne – Le Grand Pin / © Ma Yuan – Solitary fisherman on the river in winter / © Shi Tao – Two friends under the moon / © D. Ghirlandaio – Portrait of a old man and a young boy / © M. Laurent – Portrait of Ariane Mnouchkine / © DR – Patrice Chéreau on the set of Gabrielle / © AFP – Charles de Gaulle and André Malraux / © N. Parkinson – Hand in hand Brooklyn Bridge






“Picasso and the innovative machine”



Christine Cayol, Synthesis


“Emotional intelligence, new perspectives and innovation”



Innovation through a philosophical and artistic approach: using emotional intelligence and the convergence of different perspectives to unearth fresh sources of innovation.
A fundamental detour through art and culture will generate rich innovation.
Christine Cayol, Synthesis
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