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The thinking behind seminars :


The processes involved in the in the reading of complex situations, in moving ahead through a different viewpoint; the use of culture as a means to move forward, the development of a sense of discernment, the implications of the body with regards to management, and a sense of innovation will all be imprinted as areas of vigilance in daily business life.
Our seminars merge sequences of passing through an indirect approach (through art, philosophy, literature, music, movies, neurobiology, etc…) with sequences 'back to business' (individual tutoring, group coaching)


1min 20
by Eric Taane



  • Understanding and social intelligence
  • Crisis management and innovation
  • Watchfulness
  • Leadership and commitment
  • How to think differently
  • Management and narrative intelligence
  • Social intelligence: how to manage and cooperate in a cross cultural context
  • team cohesion
  • Identity and understanding
  • Confidence in certain times
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