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Christine Cayol
Founder of Synthesis and Yishu 8 (Beijing-Paris)
Knight of the Legion of Honour


Philosopher and writer by training, hypokhâgne and khâgne graduate, third cycle in philosophy alumnus at the École Pratique des Hautes Études, Christine Cayol began by teaching French at the Complutense University of Madrid, then back in France, she became a professor of Philosophy for final year high school students.
For her, “culture is what aims to make people more open, more sensitive, more human.”
In 1994, she founded Synthesis, a firm specializing in supporting managers using an original method: a detour through art and culture. The challenge of this approach consists in sharpening one's gaze, one's listening, and all of our perceptions, in order to develop a sensitive, more creative and thereby more effective intelligence in action.  
Since 2004, she has lived in Beijing, where she learned about Chinese culture by getting involved, among other things, in learning Mandarin.
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Ambrine Lazreug-Didier

Coordinator Synthesis Paris

Graduated with a Bachelor in Art Market and a Master in History of Contemporary Art, Ambrine Lazreug-Didier is responsible for coordinating Synthesis seminars in Paris as well as relations with clients and with speakers.
She is also in charge of managing artistic and cultural projects at the Maison des Arts Yishu 8 in Paris. 
Ambrine's previous research has focused on the place of contemporary art in the luxury hotel industry and the West's view of contemporary Chinese art. 


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Aurélie Sirdey

Aurelie Sirdey
Executive Coach

Before training in coaching in London, Aurélie Sirdey was marketing and communication director in the perfume and cosmetics sector. Her experience of the company, business units as well as her managerial qualities have oriented her towards the support and training of executives and business leaders.   She works with them on issues of leadership, management, decision-making, time management, priority, distance and concentration in a context of acceleration and digitalization.

His knowledge of Asia and his practice of Japanese bring him a great relational flexibility and an in-depth understanding of very varied human issues.

Aurélie Sirdey has developed a specific method, KYUDO Management™ inspired by the ancestral Japanese art of archery. It relies in particular on this method to support very different teams and employee profiles. She also participates in HEC coaching training and leads a supervisory activity. She works with both international groups and SMEs in various sectors (telecom, finance, IT, cosmetics, luxury, etc.)

In addition to a team, Synthesis has set up a network of speakers in the field of art, literature, and sciences who lead the various seminars and share their research and their passion.
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