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Our programs

Human skills to lead differently
  • Acquira sensitive intelligence and an open mind, allowing to be inspired by art and culture to progress daily in your professional life by identifying the key points of vigilance.

  • Develop interpersonal and communication skills, encouraging exchanges of experience and the sharing of viewpoints with peers.

  • Integrate the notions of Sensitivity, Authenticity and Responsibility into professional practice, adapting these concepts to a variety of everyday issues and contexts.

Tailor-made meetings 
  • Our bestseller: more than 15 meetings in 3 years

  • Our speakers stand out for their expertise, their accessibility and their passion for transmission

  • 2 to 3 hours per encounter

  • In person or online

Open to all employees of you organization, no prerequisites.
Culture as a key to quality commercial relationships
  • Understand contemporary and emerging China by linking it to the fundamentals of traditional culture.

  • Develop a detailed understanding of practices and procedures in China: organization, rituals, symbols, expectations, communication, and modes of recognition.​

  • Draw inspiration from Chinese agility to gain in efficiency, availability and flexibility, and develop a cooperative mode with them.

A choice of 5 programs from discovery to in-depth exploration 
  • 1 discovery program : 3 conferences, 80 minutes each

  • 3 in-depth programs : 3 to 7 workshops each, 2 hours per workshop

  • 1 optional Learning Expedition

  • In person or online 

Open to all managers and leaders of your organization, no prerequisites.

Discovery program
“China in Digital”

In-depth programs
“Chinese Agility Course”

violins-1838390_1280 square.jpg
A powerful internal communication tool
  • Raise your teams' awareness of the key challenges of compliance, using music as an educational and thought-provoking medium.

  • Make compliance a tool for cohesion, commitment and creativity within your organization.

  • Incorporate and disseminate your organization's values and compliance actions into employees' daily work life.

A cross-disciplinary format tailored to your needs
  • 3 workshops of 1 h 30 each

  • 1 optional final show

  • In person

Open to all your employees, no prerequisites.

The “relation with time” at the service of strategic leadership
  • Discern essential information from the ever-increasing amount of data to be analyzed, and adopt a more strategic and cultural approach to time management.

  • Anticipate and take a step back in order to take the long-term view, and seize the right moment to increase your power of influence.

  • Pace and coordinate the different times of people and functions within your team to achieve optimum performance and quality of professional life. 

12 topics to question your “relation with time”
  • Available as conferences (2 hours), seminars (1-2 days) or individual coaching sessions (1 day)

  • Optional individual diagnosis and follow-up

  • In person or online

Open to all managers and executives of your organization, no prerequisites.

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