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Our Firm

Since 1994, Synthesis has taken another look at management. Through culture, the arts and neurobiology, we offer managers and business leaders a sensitive approach that strengthens their ability to manage in a complex, fast-paced, multicultural world.
Since 2009 and the launch of the Synthesis Beijing branch, our teams have taken a new look at China. By being curious and open to dialogue, by bringing together our Western and Chinese cultures, we enable better interactions and understandings of this essential partner. Through Learning Expeditions and tailor-made seminars, we offer executives and business leaders a global vision strengthening their innovation management capacity, their sensitive intelligence, and their ability to navigate in a complex, changing, and multicultural world.  China, with its successful transition from “Made in China” to “Designed in China”, has increasingly attracted the attention of the international community on how this country invests in innovation.
In Beijing, Synthesis offers guided tours of China to understand this country as a whole, as well as gateways to draw managerial inspiration from Chinese wisdom and agility.

Our 20-year experience of supporting executive committees, management committees, future managers, and operational teams on different continents has led us to identify four major areas of development :

Relation to time
Openness to others

Our approach

 The detour approach is based on our ability to see, to listen, to be enriched by the gaze of others.

This is an invitation to:

Open up, shift, be inspired while developing your sensitive intelligence
Develop a spirit and a dynamic based on confidence, audacity, and a sense of the possible
Use art and culture for references, ideas, and energy to transmit within the team
Identify personal and collective points of vigilance and enter into a process of daily progress
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