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Our Conferences

“Make time your ally”


"Open management" conference, L'OREAL Luxe
Christine Cayol, Synthesis

“From adaptation to anticipation”


"Open management" conference, L'OREAL Luxe
Jean-Daniel Remond, Synthesis

“What are the Chinese thinking about?”



At a time when China is becoming a leading partner, it is time to understand how the Chinese grasp our civilization and vice versa.
Christine Cayol, Synthesis
Directed by Eric Taane
Music: 10SonicAway

“Another look at time”

Time as a key element in our social, personal, and cultural responsibilities.
Christine Cayol, Jean-Daniel Remond, Synthesis
Directed by Eric Taane


© J. Pollock  – Dripping / © D. Lange – Migrant mother / © C. Chaplin – Les Temps Modernes / © DR Apple Inc. / © A. de Messine – Le Condottiere / © E. Manet – The boy with the soap bubble / © P. Cézanne – Le Grand Pin / © Ma Yuan – Solitary fisherman on the river in winter / © Shi Tao – Two friends under the moon / © D. Ghirlandaio – Portrait of a old man and a young boy / © M. Laurent – Portrait of Ariane Mnouchkine / © DR – Patrice Chéreau on the set of Gabrielle / © AFP – Charles de Gaulle and André Malraux / © N. Parkinson – Hand in hand Brooklyn Bridge

“Is there innovation in China?”



On the occasion of the USF conference on October 9, 2013, Christine Cayol addresses the issue of creation and innovation in Chinese culture, through the analysis of Chinese and Western paintings.
Christine Cayol, Synthesis

“Sensitive intelligence, new look and innovation”

Innovation through a philosophical and artistic gaze: sensitive intelligence and the confrontation of gazes as a source of innovation.
A fundamental detour through art and culture for a richer innovation.
Christine Cayol, Synthesis
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