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The board

Christine Cayol


Founder of Synthesis and Yishu 8 (Paris-Beijing)
Knight of the Legion of Honour
Manager of the Rodin Museum, Paris
With the French superior foundation degree in philosophy and literature (hypokhâgne and khâgnean) under her belt and a PhD in Philological Sciences from one of France's leading institutions, Christine Cayol began teaching philosophy in her final year of secondary school.
In 1994 she created Synthesis, a consulting firm specializing in coaching directors and managers through an innovative method known as “The Detour”.  Through art and culture, this approach seeks to make one more open, more sensitive and more humane by sharpening the senses and perceptions in order to develop emotional intelligence.  When put into action, this generates creativity and efficiency.
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Jean-Daniel Remond

Coach for directors and executive managers
Psychologist, biologist and writer
Jean-Daniel Remond was the deputy director general of the Red Cross, director of Synthèse consulting company and director of The Institute for Training and Meditation before founding Europe and Cultures. He is also currently president of AADEF (Association of Childhood and Family Support).
As the scientific advisor for Synthesis, he guides and analyzes individuals and groups from a neuroscientific standpoint in relation to their working functionality.
He is the architect of the Personal Discernment Tools (questionnaires). . 
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Charlotte Binaut

Management and coordination

Graduate of Sciences Po Bordeaux and a master's in Cultural Affairs, Charlotte specializes in the administration and management of cultural organizations.

Within Synthesis, she pilots the logistical coordination of meetings and seminars in connection with the clients and trainers. She is also in charge of communication and press.
Previously, Charlotte collaborated in several projects in the performing arts sector, with personalities such as Claude François Junior (Fleche Productions) or Eric Serra (X-Plorians).
Besides a team, Synthesis is also a network of trainers in the field of art, literature and sciences which lead our seminars and share their passions.
Our trainers
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