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Coaching Synthesis

The support we provide takes into account every aspect of personality, and particularly focuses on how to maximize one's energy so that the many demands a manager faces can be met.
This journey is finally completed a few weeks later with one half-day of evaluation during which the guidelines for improvement that were defined as a plan of action are reviewed.



This program consists of a two day course followed by one half day of summing up.
Its goal is to give managers the tools to:
  • Acquire the reflexes necessary for responsible team management, and to work on the various modes of behavior that are inherent to any situation when a show of leadership is required,
  • Integrate the many operational angles that are linked to all aspects of organization, decision-making or all other tasks that a manager faces daily, ie learn how to respond to complexities and uncertainty.
  • Two-hour coaching on specific aspects of management and leadership,
  • Coaching  on two consecutive days,
  • Course over several sequences of a half-day combining two complementary approaches: coaching and "detours".


Coaching "Time & Autonomy"

 As part of our platform on "Time as your ally", we offer a personalized coaching whereby you are guided through the theme of time.



  • to provide all individuals within an organization the ability to explore their own personal “relationship with time”,
  • to feel an increased sense of freedom and responsibility,
  • Combine responsiveness and direction in managerial action.


  • A personalized day centered on a case-by-case review of the various strengths and potential weaknesses a manager may encounter during their relationship with time and daily duties.
  • A Personal Discernment Tool, devised by Jean-Daniel Remond. The questionnaire, made up of 144 questions, is specifically designed to evoke a personal awareness regarding the kind of relationship that each person has with time, and what this means for others:
Linear time and cyclic time,
Time and energy management,
Time and human relationships


During a seminar the answers are collated and analyzed with the presentation of results either in a one-to-one interview or collective debriefing.
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