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Jean Daniel Remond


Coach for directors and executive managers
Psychologist, biologist
Jean-Daniel Remond was the deputy director general of the Red Cross, director of Synthèse consulting company and director of The Institute for Training and Meditation before founding Europe and Cultures. He is also currently president of l’AADEF (Association of Childhood and Family Support).
As the scientific advisor for Synthesis, he guides and analyses individuals and groups from a neuroscientific standpoint in relation to their working functionality.
He is the architect of the Personal Discernment Tools (questionnaires). These help managers to take a fresh look at their own abilities in recognising subtle warnings, determining their level of attentiveness and how they relate to others. 
His coaching enables managers to develop and strengthen the links between art and life, culture and pro-activity.
He has written :
  • « L'analyse Sociale de la Ville », (Masson,1978)
  • « La Paix, pourquoi pas ? » (Hachette, 1985)
  • « Une Mère Silencieuse » (Seuil,1999)
  • « Intelligence et Mutation : ensemble inventons demain » (Ballan 2008).


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