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The agency

Since our inception in 1994, consultancy firm Synthesis has taken an alternative look at management.  Through culture and the arts, as well as neurobiology, we provide managers and company directors with a diplomatic approach that strengthens their managerial ability in a world that is complex, fast-paced and multicultural.
Our 20-year experience in guiding executive committees, boards of directors, future leaders and operational teams has lead us to identify three major approaches to growth and development :
A sense of discernment, initiative and the human factor
This approach uses the arts, philosophy and other cultural tools to question and enrich the quality of our understanding of the world, of others, and of ourselves.

Taking a detour means :
Stepping aside:  leave our comfort zones, the ways we think, and our intellectual instincts.
Penetrate the rich, complex and emotionally charged universes of culture, of the mind, and of the arts
Unearth fresh sources to inspire our professional lives, and enrich the ways we learn, organize work and manage teams.
identifying areas of individual and collective concern is crucial to continuous advancement.
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