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The spirit of a seminar:


The seminars combine “detour” sequences (arts, philosophy, literature, music, cinema, neurobiology, etc.) and “return” sequences with professional situations (individual support, team coaching, etc.)
The practices of reading complex situations, passing through another perspective, using culture to progress, the sense of discernment, the involvement of the body in management, and the spirit of innovation will become part of the long term obligatory points of vigilance in everyday life.


1 min 20
directed by Eric Taane


Examples of topics covered:

  • Towards a new culture of time?
  • Intelligence of the other: managing and cooperating in an intercultural situation
  • Better understand a growing world: China
  • Identity and discernment
  • Confidence in times of uncertainty
  • Discernment and intelligence of the other
  • Innovate under constraint
  • watchful attitude
  • Leadership & Commitment
  • Situation management and intelligence
  • Team cohesion
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