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Philippe Rouyer

Film critic and image specialist


Film critic for the magazine “Positif”, for the magazine “Psychologies”, for France-Culture and a regular contributor to the critical debate program “Le Cercle” on Canal+ cinema, Philippe Rouyer has been enjoying the delights of film analysis since over twenty years. Through books, articles and courses given to various audiences, he never ceases to decipher the cinematographic image to better share its secrets.
With Synthesis, he proposes a work of sharpening our gaze which makes it possible to avoid the pitfalls of manipulation, simplification, and solitary gaze. He notably published “The Gore cinema – An aesthetic of blood” (Cerf 1997) and proposed an interpretation of the film “Mulholland Drive” in a documentary with the agreement of David Lynch.
In October 2012, release of the book co-written with Michel Cieutat "HANEKE par HANEKE" (ed. Stock), the result of fifty hours of interview with the director of "Amour", Palme d'or 2012.
Find Philippe Rouyer during the cinema lessons given at the Forum des images:


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