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Coaching by Synthesis

The work of coaching as we practice it relates to all the dimensions of the person and especially, on the way in which it can optimize their energy in order to fully assume all responsibilities management roles entail. The spirit of this tailor-made support is based on the notions of sensitive intelligence, discernment and leadership, and quality of presence.



Allow a manager :
  • To acquire the reflexes required for the responsibility of a team ;
  • To work on the behaviors inherent in any situation where the expression of leadership proves necessary, the quality of presence (which is one of the essential manifestations of authority), communication (especially in terms of expression) ;
  • To integrate the operational aspects related to the various functions of organization, of decision-making, and of the daily life of management, i.e. knowing how to deal with complexity and uncertainty.



  • Two-hour focus sessions
  • Support on two consecutive days
  • Course over several half-day sequences combining two complementary approaches: coaching and detours.

Coaching : "Time & Autonomy"

As part of its platform for reflection and support for managers on the theme "Making time your ally", Synthesis offers specific coaching on the theme of time.



  • Allow everyone in the company to personally question their " relationship to time "
  • Feel freer and more responsible in the face of time 
  • Combining responsiveness and meaning in managerial action
  • Day of personalized support, centered on an overview of the various strengths and possible deficiencies that the manager may encounter with regard to his relationship to time in the exercise of his function.
  • Personal discernment tool, developed by Jean-Daniel Remond. This is a questionnaire made up of 144 questions, specifically designed to raise personal awareness of the relationship that everyone has with time and what this means for others:
Linear time and cyclic time
Time and energy management
Time and relation to the other.
The responses are processed and analyzed and the results are presented during an individual interview or in a collective debriefing during a seminar.
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