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Anna Noziere

Director and author


Anna Nozière was born in 1972. She was 13 years old when she played and directed for the first time, in a village of 800 inhabitants, in Limousin. Trestles, a livestock truck transformed into the backstage, car headlights welded to huge tin cans as spotlights and chases - manipulated live by technicians seated on tennis referee chairs, with kitchen gloves to protect yourself from the heat ! -, a lighting console made by the local genius with a washing machine programmer and push buttons from old Citroëns… are the hallmark of her troupe of teenagers.
No one doubts that this human and theatrical adventure will be renewed each year and will last at least twenty years : from the group - little by little dispersed - remained a hard, passionate core, whose work evolves in increasing rigor and a research dimension. The troupe of children who have become adults grows with an ever-increasing audience, with increasingly close links with their region, and with invitations to come and play all over France and abroad. At the same time, Anna Nozière joined the theater-school of Samovar, then collaborated with various institutions and professional companies. In collective works, then in more personal stagings, she continues to experiment with a demanding, physical, and often choral theater, whose assumed singularity enchants the press and the public. Finally, on the strength of this course which she describes as " grand construction site of learning ", she decided to create more in her own name and to refocus her work on her own writings.
She devotes herself to the writing of LES FIDELES, Histoire d'Annie Rozier, a text that is both burlesque and intimate, winner of the Aide à la création du Center national du théâtre (2007) and SACD Support for the Authors (2008), published in Solitaires Intempestifs (2009), and the starting point for an ambitious production (a piece for 10 characters) that she spent almost three years defending. She will succeed in the end, in particular thanks to the unfailing support of Laurent Fréchuret and his team from the CDN de Sartrouville, whose confidence will accompany her determination to the end. She created the play at the National Theater of Bordeaux in October 2010.
Anna Nozière premiered LA PETITE at the Théâtre national de La Colline in September 2012, which she wrote as the performances progressed. An often controversial show, which will lead her to fascinating debates during a tour rich in discussion with the public and her team. The text of LA PETITE is the winner of the CNT writing aid, the CNL grant, and the Oara playwriting grant.
At the end of this tour, the new team of the National Dramatic Center of Sartrouville proposes to Anna Nozière to create in January 2014 what will be JOSEPHINE (LES ENFANTS PUNIS), a show for all audiences from 6 years old, which she writes and staged as part of the Odyssées biennial for young audiences, which will run for 3 consecutive seasons. The text is published by Actes Sud.
The Fidèles, La Petite and Joséphine form a triptych on the Child and the family.
Anna Nozière joined FEMIS as a screenwriter in January 2014, following the Continuing Education competition, and is preparing to enter a new theatrical cycle. The first piece in the cycle, LES GRANDES EAUX, is scheduled for 2016. As always, she will work in close collaboration with her team, and favoring the presence of women on set.
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