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Lison Hufschmitt

Lyrical singer

Lyrical singer, choirmaster and creator of musical shows, Lison Hufschmitt brings to Synthesis her art of singing and speaking... Listening, breathing, speaking, singing... Matching what we have to say with the emotions we feels, all this to make the voice the means of expression for sensitive intelligence. Her work invites everyone to rediscover the voice, for a more adjusted, more confident, and more present mode. It is the link between creativity, efficiency and emotion that she invites us to reconcile in each of us. During her interventions, singing, voice, stage acting are called upon to strengthen our presence, our commitment and our ability to be more inventive together.
Lison Hufschmitt  is also the author, composer and director of the following musical plays:
  • « The incredible story of the Gamekeeper of the Lilacs (created in 2010)
  • "O Work! " (created in 2012)
  • "Alter or the story of another" (created in 2015)
She also wrote the libretto and composed the music for:
  • The Hypermarket Opera (2009)
She has staged the following musical shows:
  • “Barbara Strozzi, woman composer of the 17th century” (2005).
  • “Somewhere between Paris, Berlin and Vienna” (2006).
  • "The poet in this beautiful world" (2008).
She finally composed the music of:
  • “La clef des champs”, the new show by Compagnie Etosha (created in 2013).
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